Thursday, May 21, 2009

Senior Show, 2009 pt 4.

This was my first comic, and the toughest of any endeavor I've attempted. My original story was much longer, and wrapped up more coherently, but I underestimated the time comics take. I am pretty unhappy with a handful of frames- but in all- I'm satisfied to see the thing in it's entirety. My attempt at R. Crumb, and certainly not my last.

Senior Show, 2009 pt 3.

This was my foolish attempt to combine Jim Henson, Paper Rad and Louis Wain. I kept getting comments about drug use, but the goal was to achieve the childlike feeling of their work.

Senior Show, 2009 pt 2.

This is inspired by Paper Rad's image sampling techniques, and Harvey Kurtzman's design. The images of Porky and his girlfriend were copied from an old comic I have, and the rest was done from my head. The page is not cleaned up very well, but I'm not one to touch up old work.

Senior Show, 2009 pt 1.

Hello, it's been a while. This is a page from my senior show. I chose to explore different comic styles, mostly to expand my visual vocabulary and get a head start on my personal work. This page is pretty self-explanatory. I tried for a mixture of R. Crumb and Craig Thompson. I'm moderately happy with the way this one came out. I only wish it was more polished around the edges.